Gulf Guide Co.


Gulf Guide Company (GGC) was established as private customs clearance establishment in the 19th of the past century (1990). To support clearance services, it has been resolved to start with two trucks to provide transportation services to its customers and local market transportation service requirements. To meet the local & domestics market transportation services requirements, Gulf Guide decided to increase these two trucks by a big fleet of trucks to meet all types of transportation services.

So as to provide containerized, general cargo, Bulk petroleum products transportation and heavy equipment transportation by heavy lift Low Bed trailers for all Gulf Guide customers all over the Kingdom and Gulf countries. This fast evolution in the field of customs clearance & transportation, encourage most of the big companies in the region to deal with Gulf Guide on long term contracts. As a result of this evolution, Gulf Guide reformed as share Holder Company to engage the services in order to meet with the client’s interests and satisfactions.


Logistics management is recognized as an integrated process providing the necessary infrastructure and information networks essential for the development and performance of global supply chains

Our Working Methodology…

We identify the solutions that will best complement customer organization’s style and most effectively meet its strategic objectives. We include process measurements to ensure that the enhancements do exactly what it is designed to do.


Through teamwork and innovation, we shall strive to be an Expert in providing transportation and logistics service. At Gulf Guide, we have a goal-oriented vision that clearly identifies where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. With a view to being the Middle East Region’s leading provider of logistics solutions we continue to further develop our position as a global market leader in transport and logistics solutions.


Optimizing the art and science of providing proactive Supply Chain  logistics services & solutions to meet the unique needs of Saudi development in terms of communication, responsiveness, value, customer service, and information management. Also to offer our clients exceptional industrial solutions & services and to distinguish ourselves as leading innovative technical service provider.



Due to the tremendous increase in infrastructure projects witnessed by our country in different fields which determined the need for a new method in logistics services to meet the fast development in logistics market in Saudi Arabia as well as in gulf countries. this has encouraged us to build this company so as to provide high quality services.


With our own company in the major crossing points across Saudi Arabia and our own fleet of facilities and truck and a network of exclusive partnerships in wider region, we ensure that our customers get a seamless, transparent, and end-to-end service experience for all the shipments we move.