Gulf Guide Co.



  • GGC has started as a Customs Clearance Co. with a grade a license, therefore; Customs Clearance is our Core Competency.
  • Grade a license gives us full facilities to finish customs clearance procedures and formalities from any port (sea, land and air). Also, it allows us to work with unlimited number of clients and in all fields (Import – Export – Transit).
  • GGC is one of the companies in Saudi Arabia authorized to perform DEL for Clients.


  • Flatbed & Low bed Transportation (In KSA and within GGC countries).
  • Long Trailers Transportation (up to 25m cargos and 30 Tons).
  • Long trailer for heavy lifting (up to 25m cargos and 50 Tones).
  • All kind of cargos, including IN Gauge and OUT of Gauge Materials (Containerized, Break Bulk and loose cargo), also specialized in transporting Petroleum Products.
  • Heavy Lift Transportation (Alliance with SET Group).
  • 3PL/ 4PL logistics solutions.
  • Completed tracking system for vehicles to obtain updated reports for customers.


GGC have acquired with the transportation of heavy lift equipment, moving oversize cargos from port to any destination within the Kingdom and Gulf Countries. We always ensure the safety of both the cargo and the equipment being used for moving.


We started the transportation of Petroleum Products from Aramco (Asphalt & Diesel) from their various plants RasTannura, Riyadh, Jeddah and Yanbu to Different destinations within the Kingdom. Since GGC was well equipped with the latest model of Asphalt Tankers as well as high level of service at competitive rates, we also started transportation of Asphalt from BAPCO (Bahrain Petroleum Co.), Sultanate of Oman and United Arab Emirates.


Our drivers have the ability to handle any type of shipment. Our professionals will dispatch the driver and handle each phase of every shipment. Our diverse customer base includes utilities, building material companies, government entities, Railways Company, Garments Company, and the China’s Metal industry.


  • Our warehouses are situated in key areas of Saudi Arabia. With good access for all vehicles we can store small or large loads from one package or pallet to large quantities, racked or bulk stored. Our well trained and professional staff is on hand to help.
  • GGC has 20,000 SQM hard surface yard t can be used for any king of storage in Dammam.
  • Container offloading and loading, stripping and stuffing and storage handling.
  • General cargo double handling and segregation.
  • Break Bulk handling and segregation.
  • GGC has also the lifting equipment, Fork Lifts, Top Loader, steel pipes handling, storage, offloading and bundling,
  • Cranes- GGC is in contract with Ahmahri for all types of cranes.


  • GGC has also the capability if clients prefer to lease equipment.
  • Have more than 30 units of DYNA up to 5 M/T and more, FB, LB, and tractor heads and 200 trucks. 
  • We can expedite the release and delivery of containers to the valued customers.
  • GGC designated qualified personnel inside Dammam Port to expedite the processing of custom duties and all related fees and formalities connected with importation and exportation.


  • We have accommodation for workers and employees near Dammam Port for companies that want to contract annually.
  • We have annual contract warehouses near Dammam Port and area size starting from 500 Meters Square.